Caroline’s ambition is simple; to add value to place.

Caroline Pembroke Consulting strives to create more liveable places and stronger communities by adding value to development projects. The driver being the belief that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That is by taking a systems wide approach to projects we can more easily create mutual and sustained benefit for investors, the community, and the environments in which they situate.

As an advisory consultant, I deliver this core objective for you by taking a step back from the miniature and tackle project problems from the root cause. I assess development impact and derive greater project value, give strategic advice on the development and design framework, manage consultation and stakeholder engagement, and deliver plans and programs that are fit for purpose.

Based on best-practice principles we have established (and been taught) over the years the projects we work on will not only be ‘acceptable’ but also desirable, sustainable and deliverable.

Services are framed around four key pillars below:

  1. Innovation deriving greater or different values from resources
  2. Sustainability ensuring projects are deliverable and sustainable
  3. Inclusiveness accepting diversity in policy and practice
  4. Integrity creating the best places with strong moral principles

Caroline holds a Bachelor of Planning Hons (University of New South Wales), Master of Urban Design and Development (University of New South Wales) and MA Architecture (University of Westminster)

Caroline has lived and worked in Sydney, Australia; London, United Kingdom; Snowy Mountains, Australia; and presently Maui, Hawaii, United States.


_urban renewal

_masterplanning & urban design frameworks


_project governance

_planning & development applications

_research & education

Sole Proprietor Hawaii

ABN 693 268 33510

Independent, innovative, experienced advice bolstering the quality of your project to maximize efficiencies and appeal.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I have enjoyed working with Caroline, we have worked together on a few projects in Sydney, Australia. I love her initiative and drive. Caroline is a great urban planner who enjoys developing plans and programs for communities. I would highly recommend Caroline!

Emilya, Art Pharmacy, Sydney

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I worked with Caroline in East London, designing socio-economic and physical regeneration strategies to transform places and the lives of their communities. Her ability and determination to work with others from across the stakeholder spectrum, to find meaningful, workable, impactful solutions, was always inspiring.

Paul, Augarde Consulting, London

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